Episode 12: From Company Employee To Real Estate Millionaire: Meet Shaun Young!

Welcome to Episode 12 of Adventures In Wholesaling! In this exciting episode, we have a special guest, Shaun Young, who went from being a company employee to becoming a real estate millionaire. Shaun is the epitome of a true go-giver, and he's here to share his incredible journey with you. Shaun's story doesn't end with his success in real estate. He's also the author of the book "Let Me Show You How: Adventures In Wholesaling," available in all major book outlets. But he doesn't stop there. In his true go-giver spirit, Shaun has created "The Nationwide Real Estate Mastery" podcast, where he shares actionable steps to help real estate wholesalers and investors get their first or next deal. Not only is Shaun a successful real estate investor, but he also owns and operates a world-class Virtual Assistant company that provides professionally trained VAs.

With his expertise, he helps aspiring new investors learn how to wholesale real estate nationwide and build a successful 6-7 figure business using virtual assistants, along with proven systems and strategies that yield consistent results. Tune in to this inspiring episode as Shaun Young takes you on a journey from being an employee to a real estate millionaire. Get ready to learn valuable insights and gain practical knowledge that will empower you to achieve your own real estate success. Don't miss out on this episode of Adventures In Wholesaling: "From Company Employee to Real Estate Millionaire: Meet Shaun Young!" available on all major podcast platforms.

Connect With Shaun Young

• VA website: www.reiworldsolutions.com

• Coaching Site :https://shaunyoungcoaches.com/

• Shaun's Coaching: www.nationwiderealestatemastery.com

• TikTok: @shaunyoungcoaches.com

• YouTube: @Nationwiderealestatemastery

• Instagram: @nationwiderealestatemastery