Episode 14: Wealth Game Mastery with Michael Zuber

In this engaging podcast, Michael Zuber shares his inspiring journey to financial freedom through real estate investing. From his early struggles with money mindset to losing 80% of his stock trading profits, Michael's story is one of perseverance and learning from mistakes. He reveals how discovering 'Rich Dad Poor Dad' led him to invest in cash-flowing rental properties, ultimately allowing him to retire financially free with 176 properties in his portfolio. Michael also shares his winning wealthy formula for success, emphasizing the importance of creating discretionary income and consistently investing savings over time. Throughout the episodes, he offers valuable insights on leveraging debt, managing properties, and embracing the power of inflation for wealth building. With a mix of personal anecdotes and practical advice, Michael's podcast aims to inspire and guide listeners on their own path to financial freedom and the ultimate reward of time freedom.

Key Takeaways:

• Discover Michael Zuber's journey to financial freedom through real estate investing

• Learn the importance of having the right mindset for achieving success and fulfillment

• Explore how Michael achieved financial freedom in 15 years as a Gen X full-time employee

• Understand how Michael recovered from losing 80% of his stock trading profits by investing in real estate

• Uncover Michael's winning wealthy formula for financial success and consistently investing savings

• Gain insights into how childhood experiences with money can influence wealth building approaches

• Realize the ultimate goal of financial freedom: enjoying time freedom and living every day like it's a Saturday


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